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Good Times! March 24, 2015

I work for the Leeds escort agency service and at first I did it because it gave me the freedom of a great work schedule and some extra spending money. My kids have every single thing that they have ever wanted or needed and that makes me very happy. Now my list of clients have grown so big that my hands are full and I work a very tight schedule, no more flexibility but that’s o.k. with me.

Usually during the week my meetings are short and sweet and I am home at a decent hour. The weekends are always unpredictable and sometimes I can be gone for three days at a time on a short vacation. I stay single and love to please all the men that I have appointments with up and down, that is why they always call me for more. They know that they can always have a good time with me!

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Staying At Different Locations March 21, 2015

When I have to fly out of town for business reasons, I always look forward to meeting with a beautiful Newcastle escorts companion. I do have a couple of favorites that I like to book an appointment with but if they are not available there are plenty of others to select from.

I find out my meeting schedule upon arrival and then I make that call to book a date right away. None of the co-workers that I travel with know what I am doing, so I always book a room at a different hotel room. They always make comments to me to stay with them, they probably think that I am some type of weirdo trying to stay away from them.

Little do they know is that I am having the time of my life for a couple of nights. Staying up late nights being romantic, swimming in the indoor pools and taking strolls down the sandy beaches.

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Weekend At Aunties March 3, 2015

I just spent an hour or more trying to jimmy rig beds for my nephews that are coming to spend the weekend with me. My sister just started a job at Manchester escorts and needs someone to watch the boys while works her first full weekend there. I didn’t have any extra beds and the couch is super uncomfy so I ended up using some old camper cusions out of the shed for mattresses. They actually came out pretty comfy after I threw a few blankets on top and added a couple pillows. I know it’s not much but once they find out what I have planned for them, they won’t even care what kind of bed auntie made for them. I got them tickets to local theme park and am taking the to the movies the first night they get here. I can’t wait to tell them what their weekend has in store.

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